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The Great Falls Festival aka Pumpkinfest!


It was a fabulous, even too hot autumn day, at The Great Falls Festival this past Saturday!

Check out this clip from our program!

The crowds were huge, the audience enthusiastic and a few joined us in a little dance of their own.  We had such a good time!

While we’re been able to do a few demos over the last couple of years, it was a special treat to be back at the Fest which had itself been quiet for the past two years.  Sadly, we hear that it may be the last one in Turners.

We were delighted to be there!











Happy Holidays from all of us!

December is a great month, isn’t it?

Happy Holidays from the North County Line Dancers!

For us, we continue to practice a routine for the holiday demos we give at residences for our seniors. We take some dances that we know well and set them to Holiday tunes, and enjoy ourselves!

We encourage our audience to sing along to the songs they know – and they do.  Just the other day, I noticed that their voices were almost louder than our music!

Here’s a great picture of us from just this past week when we went to the Holyoke Soldier’s Home to entertain some of the veterans that live there.  We enjoy all of the places we go, of course; however, the extra smile is knowing that we are saying thank you, in our own little way, to these men and women who served our country in this way!

Happy Holidays!  May yours be filled with music, song, good friends, and of course, dancing!




Come catch us at the Big E…and happy to do what we do!

Maybe you missed us and maybe you didn’t at the Three County or the Franklin County Parade and Fair  — but, come catch us again anyways!

We’ll be at The Big E.  Tuesday, September 24 at 6:00 pm!

A few photos from the parade and fair so far this season:

“Sunshine Makes the Good Times Grow”
Friends and Family ride the back of the float to toss candy and wave and support us!
Franklin County Fair Fun!
Franklin County Fair 2019













And,   a note of appreciation arrived today that we’re proud to receive!  Several times a year, with a program of mixed music and dancing, and then another program at holiday time with holiday songs, we provide an hour of dancing demonstration for many Senior places.  We might go to day programs, or assisted living and everything in between, including the Veteran’s Home.  It’s a real favorite of ours.   One of the members of our audience recently passed away, and we received a lovely note from her son:

You, and the North Country Line Dancers, were one of the highlights in my view, of the GVNA entertainment offerings, based on what she had said about her experiences there.
These GVNA events were something I could not have done for her despite my efforts to keep her entertained!

So I am very grateful for your thoughtfulness and engagement with my Mom. Long Live the North Country Line Dancers!

It makes us proud and glad to work so hard to memorize dances, practice every week, and be super tired some days as a result, knowing that we make a difference, even just for an hour!

Happy New Year! Here’s to 2019!

We finished our 2018 season just a week or so ago.

In December of each year, we work up a program of about 45 minutes, filled with singable and familiar (sometimes not so familiar) holiday songs.  We go to as many as a dozen assisted living facilities in  our area and perform the demo.

We love it, the residents love it!

Onto a new year.  We take January off, but in February will be back at weekly practice working on a new demo for these same facilities as well as fairs.

Here’s to a great 2019!